Real Estate Edition

Side 1 Metro Map Side 2 City Center Map

This Portland Map is a two sided map, with the Portland Metro Map on Side One and Portland City Center Map on Side Two. This current version was updated in 2014.       Order Form

Side One includes the following features:
• Portland Neighborhoods and Real Estate Housing Developments
• Freeways, Highways and Main Streets
• Urban Growth Boundary
• County Lines and City Limits
• Updated MAX, Street Car and WES Routes
• Radius circles showing distance from Downtown Portland
• Retail Centers, Parks, Hospitals, Golf Courses
• High Schools and Colleges

  View Side 1:   Metro Map

Side Two includes the following features:
• Portland Neighborhoods
• Freeways, Highways & all streets
• MAX Routes & Portland Street Car Routes
• Parks, Portland Tram, Eastbank Esplanade
• Public Facilities, Retail Malls, Retail Shopping Districts
• Hospitals

  View Side 2:  City Center Map  

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